Hero Night

Started the night finally getting a good draw. RJo started pole of the second heat and had a great race with Paxton Longbine Racing for the lead until she almost spun it coming out of turn two but had a great save and was able to finish 2nd.

Would start last in heat 4 and again showed good speed just couldn’t get any passing done and would finish 4th.

Made a gear change for the main. Started 5th and drove a great race. Think we might have a little much bite in the kart as it was hopping through the corners. She would come home 5th for the night. We are definitely moving in the right direction and getting a handle on this Jr2 kart.

Again thanks to everyone for the support on and off the track. Thanks to the track owners and officials, our friends, fans, crew, family, and great sponsors for all y’all do for RJo Racing.

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